Frequently Asked Questions

This is the first I’ve heard of a designated driving service where the guests provide the vehicle. Is it legal?

Very much so, it’s become a very popular service because of the amount of money the guests can save.

What about insurance?

The level of coverage you feel comfortable with is entirely up to you but we have a commercial policy specifically for covering our drivers when driving a vehicle that the guests provide. In the unlikely event of a claim our policy is first in line for any compensation due.

We already know where we want to go, can your driver just follow our itinerary?

Absolutely, about 50% of our guests are return visitors or have recommendations from friends or family. We’d be happy to accommodate any plans you have.

Planning an entire day seems overwhelming. Reservation times, length of tastings, travel time, etc. Can you help?

We have an excellent and veteran team of concierge experts. Just choose one of our package tours on our home page and for a slightly additional fee, your work is done!

We thought it would be cool to ride in a limousine, what about cool?

What’s cool is saving money. Limos are expensive, pretentious, and the driver looks silly. Wine tasting is Wine Country Casual and that’s how Napa Driving Service rolls.

This sounds great, is there any other part of your service that will convince me to book a wine tour with your company?

If you are planning a quick stop for takeout lunch our driver would be happy to make that stop for you while you relax at a winery. No extra charge with any of our tours.

I’m convinced, why haven’t I tried your service before?

Good question.


Napa Driving Service

If you used a search engine like Google, Bing, Yelp. If you know the search words would be helpful not mandatory!

Let us know how many guests you have!