Napa Driving Service was founded in 2016 when owner Dennis McClintick realized the need in Wine Country for additional designated driving services. Napa Valley alone was averaging two “driving under the influence” citations per day. The quickest way to ruin an otherwise fantastic few days of wine tasting and fine dining is to get pulled over by our local police or highway patrol.

An Honorably Discharged disabled veteran of the U.S. Army, Dennis retired from his career job at the young age of 53 and went to work for Henry Wine Group learning the wine business and preparing to become the owner of one of the most sought after and respected driving services in wine country. He developed relationships with winery owners, winemakers and world class chefs that places you will tell your friends and family about. This is the main factor that makes Napa Driving


Service so unique and in huge demand. Before starting Napa Driving Service, Dennis left Henry Wine Group and set out to explore the world of designated drivers. He went to work for one of the larger companies in Napa Valley and quickly learned two things:

  • 1. How to plan and execute the perfect day of wine tasting and food consumption.
  • 2. Working for a large soul-less company was not what he had envisioned. It had a very

“corporate” feel, bad customer service, high rates and he was forced to wear the complete chauffeur outfit. Not his style.

So, Napa Driving Service was born, minus all the negative factors. Instead of that corporate feel it will be like an old friend is driving you around his hometown. Customer service is priority one and the rates are competitive with any legitimate driving service in wine country. Oh yeah, the suit is hanging in the closet. He pulls it out if he is driving for a wedding party or taking a group to a fancy dinner at French Laundry. The rest of the time it’s shorts and a polo shirt. Sharp but not stuffy. We refer to it as wine country casual.


Napa Driving Service

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